Tech Startup

DEMNEH was established in 2014. We are the fasting growing start-up in Iran. We develop a whole range of apps in different sectors and with strong connections to a few tech companies in the UK and the US we have built a solid ground on which we are designing and developing many different apps for different use porous. What makes us different to other developing companies is our strong and up-to-date connection with new technology. Hence we are never afraid of change and we always look forward to implement new techniques and technology into our apps. We have strong roots with the R&D sections of Tech departments in a few Universities in the UK such as Kings College of London, Imperial College and Surry University. DEMNEH was born out of a desire to fundamentally change the security and privacy issues people are faced when socialising. Our founders have all backgrounds in Telecommunications Engineering, Electronic Engineering and IT. Soon we will be launching world's fastest and most secure chat app so keep tuned in...


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