Ribbon Of Light


Ribbon Of Light 
ROL is being built in one of Tehran's most flourishing area & was design by Mr Tom Wright, (The designer of Burj Al Arab). It consist of 21 storeys of commercial, office, parkings & ball rooms
Kish Twin Towers

Locate in Kish Island. It is the islands most luxarius, talest & closest project to the shores. The landscaping area:12,000sqrm with 452 residential units in 2 towers

Pasdaran Residential
12 storeys luxury residential tower in North of Tehran. It's EITC's first construction project. 20 years has passed from its built & yet it remains one of the best quality buildings in the neighborhood.
No. 122 Andarzgou
This is our next project, which is located opposite to ROL building. All the permits have been acquired. It will be a modern tower for commercial and office use. 


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Concrete Skate and Bike Park