Iron Ore

The group and later the company were, from the very early days of steel production in Iran, involved with the business and hence have made very strong ties in Steel and its raw material field.  Esmiran was the first company to export Iranian Iron Ore and since have managed to export a staggering amount of Iranian Iron Ore, mainly to China.  As the Iron Ore market expanded globally, Esmiran Int. Trading Co. too expanded its activities in the field. Currently, with logistic teams made up of many contractors and/or direct employees of over 2000 people, Esmiran has managed to be and stay as one of Iran’s biggest Iron Ore exporter in the private section. In the year 2009, Esmiran established its very own iron ore production mobile line with the production capacity of 1,000,000 Mt a year. In the year 2014, EITC established its own static crushing factory with the capacity of 2.5 Million Mt pa, Just 20Km away from Iran’s largest iron ore reserve. EITC’s concentrate plant with a capacity of 500,000 Mt for phase one and 1,000,000 Mt pa for phase two are currently under construction and should be ready to start from mid-2017.