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Our Background

Esmiran International Trading Company was first established in 1994. Its pioneers, Moshtaghi family, before the establishment of the company were among the very well known groups that were in trade with different countries of the region. Esmiran Int. Trading Company is a holding family company with range of activities from Trading, Telecom, Health Care, Agriculture and Construction. Although all the activities are under Esmiran’s umbrella, however each are respectable separate entities in their respective fields.



The country is in an interesting stage at this moment. The lifting of the world sanctions have opened new doors. The country has a population of nearly 80 million; and manufacturing capacity unrivalled in the Middle East. Oil and gas account for only 10% of the GDP, meaning the country has a diversified base to grow from. For us too, diversity has been the main key to our growth. Our fields of activities now range from Commodity trading, construction, agriculture, health clubs & the most recent project tech-startup. In Esmiran, we have tried to keep the pace of change and growth at an accelerating rate, building stronger and more stable base of business as the world goes along.



Featured Item

The group and later the company were, from the very early days of steel production in Iran, involved with the business and hence have made very strong ties in Steel and its raw material field.

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New Addition

Being into construction business from the very beginning EITC, we have had a comprehensive and divert portfolio when it comes to construction. Our current project is called Ribbon Of Light, ROL.


Farming & Agriculture


In 2005, EITC purchased a massive land in Saveh province and turned it to the Worlds largest fully automated Pomegranate farm, with the size of 400 hectares & the production capacity of more than 2000Mt.   So far the fruits have been only consumed domestically but from the next year, some will be exported to the UAE, Qatar & Kuwait.

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PAAD Fitness & Wellness club opened in year 2010 and is located in Tehran's Niavaran region. It has an infrastructure of 1000 Sq meters and is equipped with Techno gym, Life fitness, and Tomahawk machines.


Tech Startup


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Coming soon

Considering the country's massive market and a huge lack medicine due to the past international sanctions the group is studying and is currently under negotiation with both the government and some top pharmaceutical companies in the world to import and distribute a variety of medical products.


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